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Bulat technology uses a special low-voltage, high-current ion sputtering process to create high quality, solid, homogeneous layers of titanium nitride. This process is characterized by high speed and efficiency. It allows the formation of high density and adhesion layers with thicknesses from a few microns.

The technology was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1980s to improve the properties of surfaces. Titanium nitride has been applied to various surfaces such as knives, machine tools and even even in the aerospace industry.

With this technology, improvements in product properties such as increased hardness, chemical and thermal stability, wear and corrosion resistance can be achieved. Thanks to these improvements, this technology has become very popular and is used in many industries.

In addition to the high temperature, the perfect adhesion of the coating is guaranteed by the cleanliness of the surface. The coated objects must be clean, degreased and without surface damage.

In our facility we are able to coat objects of various shapes and sizes up to a diameter of 50 cm and a height of 50 cm.